Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick and Crafty - Monday Made It, Freebie!

Mondays make for long titles. But I got lots to say today....

I love Monday Made It's. And I love Quick and Crafty!

This week was about birds. Specifically collectible ceramic birds that people won't even buy at a garage sale. I know, I tried.

pretty little Chickadee that no one wants.

Get yourself a collection of these birds. Different breeds, sizes and shapes don't matter. In fact, they don't even really have to be the same style. Mine weren't.

Then run to your local Big Box Project Addiction Store and grab some GLOSSY spray paint. Any color will do, especially wild colors like teal or orange. I choose black, because it's what I had on hand from this project. 

Then (repeat after me) hold the can 12" away and spray with quick light strokes, back and forth. If you say this enough times you will channel the Mr. and will be able to hear the spray-paint-lecture hell I sometimes live in. Which is why I do these projects when he is at work. Love ya, hon!

one of these was even a goofy looking little parakeet. 

Let the birds thoroughly dry, then flip over and do the other side. Then dry and flip upside down. Then dry and stand upright. It takes a few angles and coats to get a nice uniform layer of shiny paint on them. 

When they are done, they will look like this:

group them for dramatic effect

just set them all around!

That's my crafty project. Now on to my school project:

A little CAFE action to go with the "Fox are the New Owl Classroom Design Kit"

This is free, of course! It comes is a totally easy printable file. If you want to type instead of handprint the cards you can do that too, with an included editable Word Doc. 

Get your Foxxy CAFE on at my TPT store. There's lots of other interesting stuff going on there, so browse a bit if your stop by!

And just because I think it's funny....

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