Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabulous Feedback

Christina Bainbridge over at Bunting, Books and Bainbridge started this really cool linky party called "Fabulous Feedback". I had never thought to look at feedback of my products as something to blog about, but Christina showed me that it's actually a really cool thing to share. Besides, it gives some love back to the people who write those thorough and meaningful comments we get.

The feedback I want to share today is from a product I created while I was learning the ins and outs of teaching writing to my fab 4's. Transition Words - Intermediate Writing Lessons is a writing unit I needed for my own teaching, and it translated beautifully into a product. The user that left me the following feedback is Lynn Caggiano. This is what she said:

This is fantastic! I had been looking for a clear, scaffolded way to introduce using transition words in narrative writing for a long time. This packet really helped me out, especially the title/mentor text suggestions. The kids LOVED the activities, and continued to incorporate transitional words into their own narrative writing throughout the year. The rubric really helped me grade the activities. Also, since we use UbD, the EUs helped me specify clearly in my lesson plans what I was doing. I actually used the Old Lady Who Named Things portion for my observation. Excellent! Thank you for sharing!

It's really wonderful to get 4 stars and "love it"s, but it's really special when someone takes the time to write a thoughtful and detailed comment. Thank you, Lynn!

I'll be offering Lynn a free item of her choice from  my store as a thank you.

I'll linking up with Bunting, Books and Bainbridge each week. Will you see your name here next?


  1. That is great feedback. And it does feel great when you get one like that!