Monday, August 19, 2013

Are you ready for the ride?

August is like a roller coaster.

June and July are a day at the park. Strolling, eating, laughing, recharging. July 31 hits and you decide it's time for one last hurrah the big coaster, the one that is thrilling and scary and almost too big to imagine conquering. It's a ceremonial ending, the climax that can only be handled after a whole lot of fun has gotten your batteries back where they belong, at full charge.

August 1st, you step in line. It's a long line, and each step is an inch closer to awareness that something big is coming. The Big Ride looming can't be ignored, the insistent tugging is pulling you.You know there is no bigger fun, but the worry seems like a big hurdle to get over.

August 19th, and you are sweating but jittering with excitement at what you know is coming. The familiar thrill is surfacing in your memory, and old friend that you have the best of times with. The next next train of cars is yours.

August 25th, you climb in. You wish you could run away from the overwhelming feelings, but you can't feel the thrill without them. You ratchet up, up, up. If you squeeze your eyes shut you'll miss the look on your friends faces as they ride with you. The faces show fear, wonder, excitement, impatience and a little dread. Then you're at the top, hanging motionless for a second or two.

Gravity pulls you inevitably down and you scream in delight. Sustained joy on everyone's face. You live all summer for this; it's what you were made to do.

Enjoy the ride, friends.

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