Friday, August 16, 2013

Fabulous Feedback #2

It's time to dig deep in the well  of gratitude and give a shout-out of thanks to a product user for leaving meaningful and thorough feedback on something they bought from my TPT store. Christina Bainbridge at Bunting, Books and Bainbridge began this linky party a few weeks ago, and I am so thankful to her for thinking of it! Everyone loves getting a big "thank you", but it's really special to have a detailed comment written. It tells us so much about our products and their usefulness. Feedback also helps us teacher-authors to reflect on what could be changed or improved.

The feedback I am sharing with you this week is from "First Grade Common Core State Standards Mathematics Assessment Pack". This is an assessment kit that individually assesses each standard for math in first grade.

The first comment comes from SpeechMed:

An absolutely wonderful resource. A product that will help me assess quickly and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses - can't wait to use this in the 2013-2014 school year. Thank you so much!

The second comment comes from Regina Lorentz:

I am a huge Teachers Pay Teachers user (and seller) and I can stay without a doubt that this is the BEST product I have ever downloaded. It is so complete and accurate! I love how you allow the students to demonstrate their understanding of each strand in several different ways. I am using this assessment at three different points in the year to track student growth. 

My principal and I agree you should quit teaching and publish more of these resources full time!

Any thoughts about making the same product for kindergarten and second?

I love that in both of these comments the user tells me how they are going to use the product. I know how I would use it, but it's invaluable seeing the product through another's eyes.

Both SpeechMed and Regina Lorentz have earned a free product of their choosing from my TPT store. Thank you, both of you!!

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