Monday, December 31, 2012

Currently January

I apologize for the double post! Please don't hate me...I just can't help myself when it comes to Currentlys!!

Please visit my friend Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade to check out what Currently is all about. I just plain old love it!

I'm listening to the snow blower. We got home an hour ago from the lake and I am blogging and my husband is snow blowing. I think those actions speak louder than words that we both need a few minutes of quiet time without the girls!

Loving my family. Love, love, love them to absolute pieces. Even though I'm taking a little 10 minute break from them.

I'm thinking about our big plans for tonight: seeing The Hobbitt!! I can't wait!

Before The Hobbitt we are going to go buy Just Dance because after playing it all weekend with cousins we have decided it is the Best. Game. Ever.

And maybe if I do Just Dance a lot my "needing" will happen. Do ya think?

I'm feeling rested and restored, ready to kick this new year off to roaring start.

How about you?

The Wisdom in the Fortune Cookie

This is the first time I have cracked open my computer since my last blog post. I'd have to look back to even see when that was.

I had to take a step back.

About a month ago, I cracked open my fortune cookie at the same time my girls cracked open theirs. Here is what they said, in order from oldest (me) to youngest (Lulu):

Ignoring the last two (God save the Queen and me), mine sent a little dart of guilt right into my heart. The fortune was justified in giving me a little lecture. Between teaching a new grade, creating resources for TPT and blogging I realized how small my focus point had become. 

So I took a month off. 

I had to search for my laptop (when was the last time I didn't actually know right where it was?), dust it off and crack it open. 

And here we are. 

Please tell me how to do it. How do we ever really find balance? 

Or, if you really love me you'll tell me there is no such thing as balance and we teacher/moms are all just getting by the best we can. That would actually make me feel better. 

Happy New Year, dear ones.