Monday, July 29, 2013

Quick and Crafty: Little Piece of Heaven

where's your little piece of heaven?

let me show you mine.

Everyone knows I'm happiest when my feet are dirty. There's a reason for garden is my happy place. I wanted to make sure everyone knew it (just in case they missed the dirty feet), so I made these hanging flower buckets to spread the news. 

I went to the Big Box Project Addition Store and bought four empty paint cans. I do not know what their real purpose is, paint cans. Do people really mix up their own paint in them or something? Do they not just pick a color from the wall of samples?

I reached into my spray paint hoard supplies that I had gotten when I did this project. I thought black would be spankin', even though it was glossy. I thought the gloss might help the paint to hold up to the weather. 

"short bursts!" that's what Mr. would have been shouting from the kitchen window if he had been home. but I smartly do my projects during my leisure summer days. 

While the cans dried I printed up some labels on this fancy tan paper Mr. had in his paper hoard supplies.

nothing special, just printed at home.

I cut the labels out and reached for the Modge Podge. But the Modge Podge was missing! I settled for gluing them on with a water-proof varnish, which I intended to coat them with anyhow. (I found the Modge Podge a week later in the closet next to the dog food. I'm blaming Naughty Dog and her suspected midnight craft parties). I coated them several times with the varnish, trying to seal the edges of the paper as best I could.

Now I see my very own satisfied thoughts cheerily reminding me every time I head out to my happy place. I suspect the labels won't last forever, but what does? In a few years they'll be ready to reuse and upcycle into another project. 

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