Thursday, August 1, 2013

what inspires you?

I shared a comment on my private facebook page a week ago that stated "stop the glorification of busy." Let's admit it: teacher blogger/creators spend an enormous time planning, investigating and crafting. We have a unique opportunity in the summer to slow down, but we manage to fill the sun-filled weeks with maniac-paced work and projects that can't find a time to be born during the other 10 months.

This is the start to a new series of inspired work. The teaching tools in this series are all inspired by everyday things. There is beauty, humor, and exceptional uniquity  in the things we are surrounded by everyday. This, for me, is a lesson in slowing down and looking. In order to capture inspiration with a camera, a girl has to be involved in life. I'm so excited to present the first product, Sun Sweet Raspberries Inspired Decorative Paper and Label set.

sun sweet raspberries inspired labels and paper

This is a small and inexpensive set, just a little something different to help you dream of summer, the smell of berries and the exploding flavors of red and green.

You can check these labels and future Inspired work at Peacocks and Penguins TPT store
See you there!

Next inspired work.... can you guess?

a girl and her fox

Looking for some excellent ideas to get your school fires burning? Check out Mrs. Wheeler's Linky! I predict lots of good things to come out of this one!

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