Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Little Word for 2014

I had a nice little blog post all typed up in my head when I came across this. Sometimes fewer words are better, so thank you to Sunny Days in Second Grade for making our lives simpler today.

I had a gut-twisting realization this fall. I guess I've always known it, tried to live it, but a facebook post made me rethink it. It went something like "Kids are learning by making mistakes". Of course. We all know that. But I was thinking about teaching while in the shower (the best thinking place besides driving alone) and all of a sudden I really understood what this meant - like in a Big Picture kind of way. 

My expectations are too high most of the time. Sure, I can let kids make mistakes with math and reading and spelling and all the other academic things. But when it comes to classroom manners, socialization skills and behavior expectations, I am way, way hard on the Fab Fours. 

So my word for 2014 is Patience (with a capital P). I am going to be patient with the blurts, the sidetalking, the farting, the hallway talking, the too-loud lunchroom shenanagins, the interruptions. I am going to guide my students, with scaffolding and love, on these important points of learning.

What's your word of 2014? Link up with Sunny Days and share. 

Aha! I found the link! This was my inspiration.