Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day ~ Alligreater is back!

We knew there was some rain coming our way last night, but I never would have guessed we would have gotten a snow day out of it. Yay for snowdays!!

This year conferences were really stressful. I hate delivering unhappy news, and this year was chock full of unhappy news. I have two of my hardest ones left.

Have you ever used those stupid idiotic special chair pouches for holding books? I'm at my wits end with them. They don't hang straight on our chairs, causing all the books to unceremoniously slip onto the floor. They tear, causing all the books to (again) fall unceremoniously onto the floor. So frustrating for everyone involved. I got this great idea to reinforce them with wooden dowels, but now the dowels are poking out all over. I thought I'd be clever and use those lock-tight plastic things, but when they are trimmed they get sharp, and how we have scraps. I hate those pouches.

Today was a super relaxing day, so I finished up the Alligreater Math I had been working on. It's for teaching or reinforcing the concept of "greater/less than". Check it out here, at my TPT store. There are even videos with it this time! And the CCSS are with them, too.

My kids, who have been playing at the neighbors all day long, have just burst in and announced that they are A) bored and B) hungry. Maybe they could entertain themselves by making dinner.

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