Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linky Party...(um, is it on, can you hear me? Hello?)

Here is my story for the linky party-thing that Fabulous Ms. B set up. In the words of LSP  "Oh my lumping glob, you guys!" (that was random, I just wanted to quote Lumpy Space Princess).

Ok, wait, did I tell you why you should never use Google Images while your Smartboard is on (um, DUH)? Even if you are looking at something as innocent as pictures of fruit to make "healthy snack" cards for lunch sign up. Especially if you are looking at pictures of fruit to make "healthy snack" cards for lunch sign up. Because you might type in broccoli and get the kids chanting "PICK-CHUR FOUR! PICK-CHUR FOUR!" because they think they need to vote on what they think is the best photo to represent broccoli. Because you might start a small rumble on the rug when two boys disagree to agree on the picture they like for string cheese. And because, just maybe, you type in PEACE CUP and get a nearly nudey photo of a babe (a peach?) in a teeny weeny bikini (cup?). That'll stop a riot, right quick.

Ok, so this linky thing. I met my husband at night classes for graphic design. He scared me a little, because he was one of those, you know, motorheads. This was the mid-90's. He wore a Skoal hat. And he had l-o-o-o-n-g hair. But I had longer hair, and it was big and curly and usually piled on top of my head. I worked my way down the row of computers because the guy who sat on the other side of me wouldn't leave me alone. Eventually I was seeking shelter on the g-mac next door to Skoal man. We started taking smoke breaks together (oh, those '90s!) and once even cut class to take a drive and talk about "relationship" problems (with others). Any savvy grown-up knows that those who give advice about each other's relationships typically end up in one together (in dreams, if not real life). And before I knew it, I was making out with Mr. Ponytail in the parking lot.

We got engaged 4 months later, and have been married for (um, it's so long, let me think..) 14 years? We have two gorgeous girls, 9 and 12. We play video games together, love to take road trips, and laugh until we forget all the ways we irritate each other. He's the butter to my bread.

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  1. Woooo makin' out in the parkin' lot - niiiice!!!

    You're way more cool than me. I met my hunny online lol. Thanks for linking up and sharing your story!!

    Buzzing with Ms. B