Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Piles of Sugar, Oodles of Hugs

Happy heart day!! How much frosting have YOU eaten today? I'm so totally surprised I didn't have a single puker after frosting cookies this afternoon.

Do you know what makes our job totally worth it, every day? It's the hugs. Even the grumpiest day can be made just a little brighter by a waist-hugger. V-day is the grand-daddy of all hug days. I feel full of chocolate and sugar, but I'm brimming over with love from the little folk. I am totally satisfied, and positively glowing.

I do feel slightly frantic, though. Once my kit arrives for healthy hell the Pink Method, I won't be able to have any sugar for a while, so I plan on going on a little binger tonight. Conversation hearts and Tagalongs, here I come!

Studying family in Social Studies? Here is a fun project - made even more fun because it's done at home! Now, now, I know that I shouldn't be so gleeful pawning off work on the 'rents, but this is actually really good for everyone involved. It is meant to get conversations about family going at the place where it's the most important - AT HOME WHERE THE FAMILIES LIVE. Check it out! I have our crests hung under our coat hooks, so the kids never forget where they came from. It's a nice piece of everyone's history.

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  1. I have eaten SO much sugar. I am grossly full.

    I'm not sure if this is what you're unsure of with the linky party, but just to explain it in case you want to 'play' haha.

    You post about whatever the party is about (hunny stuff, in this case).
    Then, you go back to my linky party page and click "Add your link".
    You paste in the direct link to your post about the party and choose which picture you want (it gives you choices).
    Then, your'e linked up!
    I wasn't sure how linky parties worked at first, either - I remember thinking (stupidly) 'But, do I have to GO somewhere? What do I do?' Which is pretty embarrassing. lol

    Buzzing with Ms. B