Wednesday, February 15, 2012

-ow as in BLOWS

This is one of those cra-a-a-a-zy weeks. V-day, nature center field trip this morning, all-school dance on Friday, and I'm out a half day each day the rest of the week.

This morning we bundled up (and then got sweaty 'cause it's not that cold) and headed out to Willow River State Park for a lovely morning of learning about animal tracks. From past years I know what the biggest hit of the day will be - poop. Deer poop, specifically. So I gave a pre-emptive poop lecture before we got on the bus. This from the teacher whose "special Valentine's treat" was reading aloud "The Gas We Pass, a Book of Farts".

This afternoon I left a sub in place and headed to my yearly physical appointment. Fellow teachers, you know what a pain in the ass sub plans are. No done-ahead plans for fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-girl, so I fly around like a crazy person getting everything ready, and then run out the door so I can get in a nap before my appointment (priorities!). I arrive on time to the clinic, only to discover there has been a mistake and the appointment was scheduled for tomorrow. PISSER. I have a math committee meeting all afternoon, so no physical for me. That totally BLOWS.

Speaking of blows, I wanted to share a book of activites I made up in honor of the long o -ow word family. It melded in perfectly with the Snowology unit I teach in January. Check it out at my TPT store. There is a free preview download to check it out before committing to a relationship with it.

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