Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leap Day and Math Sandwiches * Freebies too!

What are you doing to celebrate Leap Year? I didn't have anything planned, and then decided it was too rare a day to do nothing.

This is an original story that includes addition and algebraic thinking. Check it out at my TPT store.

And here's a  Freebie, just because!

I am so hungry since starting the P.I.N.K. Method over a week ago. I'm losing weight, no doubt about that. It's at the price of ever feeling like there's something in my belly, though. I have to admit that I feel physically fantastic. No artificial-anythings are definitely making a different.
I was daydreaming about sandwiches the other day, and came up with a cute activity. While it won't satisfy any cravings, it will be an engaging way for kids to practice number sense and addition/subtraction (I seriously just wrote addiction/subtraction).
Check it out here

Happy Leap Year!!

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