Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Freebies Freebies

It was a hell of a weekend. 

Mostly it was because I went crazy loco making new "Working with Words" and "Working on Writing" D5 activities for spring. I'm beginning to think the dollar store is my newest best friend/nemesis, just like Pinterest. What do they do, hang out on Tuesday nights and make sabotage plans? "I hear she's planning on catching up on laundry and washing the dog. I'll throw some big clear plastic eggs and clipboards into the center aisle and you make sure you have some really cool but involved and messy ideas front and center. Got it? Go Team!"

I've eyeing up those fun posters for word families that Carson Delosa sells, but I keep thinkin' they are too big. Besides, I don't have any budget money left. So I created a set of long vowel posters that fit nicely on a classroom bulletin board. I put post-it slips covering each word, so it can be turned into an activity for D5. A  kid picks a poster (word family), and then peels off each post-it on the poster, reading each word and writing it down as they go. It looks like this:

The whole she-bang looks something like this:

You can get them HERE, at my TPT store. And guess what? They are.......

I found this idea on Pinterest and loved it. I loved it so much that I had to manically make a set for my firsties for Daily 5. We are working on long vowel sounds, so the four letter sets I made are focused on that. It is specifically for "2 vowels go walking...".

Here is what it looks like in action. The kids pick a clipboard and go back to their working spot. They open the bag and take out the letters. On the recording sheet they write their name, the number of the bag, and the letters in the bag. Then they make, read and write as many words as they can. Each has a set word family that all of the letters can be used for.
 Did you notice the cutie clip board? Like we don't have enough to do without adding to the insanity.
The clipboards are stored like this in our Working with Words center (bookcase, place, whatever).
Go to my TPT store to download this for FREE! Yay for freebies! The kit includes the bag label,recording sheet and has 4 letter sets to make 4 Mystery Word bags. The decoupage pieces are thrown in, just in case you are feeling crafty!

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