Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick and Crafty Linky - Glass Number Buttons

Here is a quick and crafty idea for the classroom.

Glass Number Buttons!

These are cheap, easy and simple. All you need is a package of glass buttons, whatever size you prefer; sticky back magnets; a sharpie or printed background.

These are just simple glass buttons with a magnet stuck on the back. I wrote a student number on each one with a sharpie. Paint pens would work great, too. These are the playing pieces for our Homeworkopoly game board.

These are black and white printed numbers, cut out and glued under a large glass button. The magnet is attached behind the paper. 

We use these on our "Where Am I?" board.  

These are small glass buttons with a red printed number glued behind it, with a magnet behind the paper again. 

I use these for our class job chart. 

This is a fun way to display numbers for all kinds of classroom activities!

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  1. Oh bummer! I just found this linky and I wish I could have joined! If you do it again, please let me know. Or I will just keep my eye out for another one. Seriously bummed.


    1. I have another one ready to go tomorrow. I would love to have you join in!