Sunday, October 21, 2012

CCSS Math Assessment for Kindergarten

Last week I received the following feedback on the First Grade Common Core State Standard Assessment Kit I created for assessing those sometimes pesky math CCSS:

K is a whole different world than any other grade, so I wanted to be sensitive to the Kindies' abilities. Most of the assessments are administered by the teacher. This takes a little more time than simply handing out an assessment and having kids complete it, but this gives the teacher another opportunity to really get to know their students in a mathematical capacity. 

Each domain is broken into its standards, and each is broken into smaller sections if the standard had more than one element to assess.

A class list for each domain can be a handy document to keep on hand when looking at a class as a whole, or for a quick overview of specific students. 

Individual tracking forms keep more detailed notes on each student. Notes on each assessment can be kept for reference, analyzing and planning. Plans for interventions have their own space here, so keeping track of RtI (Response to Intervention) can be easy to do.

You can download Numbers and Operations in Base Ten free by using the the "Download Preview" button. Try it out, see if it helps to keep track of those rascally CCSS. 


  1. You have been boo-ed!