Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anchor Chart of the Week

This week's anchor chart is brought to you by Hindsight. 

Ahhhh, that good old hindsight. Where would we be without ya, Hindsight?

I was reading through our Reader's Notebooks (singular, not plural like Readers' Workshop. We don't all use the same notebook) when I noticed that kids weren't doing all of their due diligence when they finished with a book. They would do parts of what they were supposed to, but not a one did it all.

Looking back, I see the error in my ways.

Since the lovely and omnipotent CCSS came to town, we are fully aware of the writing that our students are expected to be able to do. I'm all over it. It's a field day teaching the Fab 4's to write, and I love reading it all.  Because I love to read it and love to teach writing it follows that I would have the Fabs do a lot of it. We write a lot.

One of my favorite things to have them do are book reviews. If you read my post about it, you'll get where I'm coming from. It's all about the non-fiction and persuasive writing this year.

If you read even further back, you can read this post about our book recommendation anchor chart.

While I was spending my Sunday afternoon doing one of my favorite things - reviewing last week's work and prepping for next week - I made this poster here to help us all remember what steps we need to take when we finish a book.

(Do you see the duct tape? I just restocked!)

For fun, look what I found on my iPad while looking for the chart photo.

I love my Baileyboo!

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