Friday, October 12, 2012

Unpack Your Adjectives

Is there anything more fun than teaching adjectives?
Ok, don't answer that.

But you have to admit, adjectives are loads of fun. There is just so much you can do. This is what we did today.

Can you remember this one? If you are at least 35, you might. If you don't, I feel so so sad for you that you missed a childhood of Saturday morning School House Rocks.

I played it for the kids yesterday and they thought it was really funny, but they had no idea what the song was about. Today I printed out the lyrics and the kids glued them into their LA notebooks, right behind their list of adjectives they wrote yesterday.

By this afternoon, they were singing the song.

They were singing my song. Kinda fun hearing kiddos 30 years younger than me singing a song I knew in 4th grade.

If you'd like to use it for your class, here is a freebie copy of the lyrics for you.

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