Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkeys! BIG TPT sale! Cyber Monday and Tuesday!

 I love this time of year. LOVE it.

I walked around our school yesterday, amazed at the turkey art displayed. I wanted to share these great projects that our teachers guided their students in. I am always filled with joy and inspiration with the creativity and resourcefulness of our teachers. Some of these projects are time-tested favorites of grade levels, some were created by the teachers themselves, and some are the product of dedicated Pinterest searching. We are going to start with K and move our way up.

I love the sponge painting on the top turkeys. The turkeys below offer a great opportunity for a family project (these are completed at home).

 One of my all-time favorite projects! First graders are sent home with the large turkey cut-out and they work together with their family to cover it with whatever they like. The turkeys are always uber-creative!

 Second grade did two different turkeys this year. I think the bottom ones are cute, especially with that poem! The top ones? Pure genius. I never would have thought to use leaves to make the tail fans. I think these just might be the cutest (and most clever) turkeys I've ever seen.

 Third grade did these clever rolled-paper turkeys. I am especially impressed with the writing project above. After talking with a third grade teacher I discovered that this was a Common Core writing project focusing on temporal words. Smart!

Next to the leaf turkeys, these are my favorite. Families helped our CD kids create these turkeys that focus on all there is to be thankful in their families. Brielle Anfinson did this project with her students.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I neglected to take photos of our fourth grade turkeys! I'm enjoying my pajamas way to much to drive back up to school to snap any photos.

Fifth grade is too busy starting things on fire to make turkeys out of paper. They made catapults instead. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like more fun?

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy the peace of being with your loved ones.

Check out TPT on Cyber Monday and Tuesday (Nov 26-27). I know that after a nice little Black Friday action you'll be ready to sit down at your computer and get ready for the next few weeks before Christmas, as well as stocking up for the new year!

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