Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anchor Charts of the Week

The Fab 4s write a lot when it comes to thinking about reading. One of my favorite formats is writing me a friendly letter in their Reading Journal. I have learned more about them as readers by reading these letters than meeting with them one-on-one.

Even though we have been writing letters for nearly two months, I still get the occasional letter that is not following the proper friendly letter format. I created this simple poster for reference.

Now when I ask a student to make sure they follow the proper format they can refer to the poster.

I love to display examples of story maps around the classroom. They get changed out when we run out of room; that way we always have a few for reference. We read Jumanji last week and did a story map together.

I always love the idea of having these charts done before hand and ready to hang up, but I worry that it won't be as relevant as if we create it together. It definitely doesn't save on paper redoing them every year, but I think it's worth the material (and time!). 

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  1. I usually do mine before hand, but I teach 4 different sections of language arts and use the same anchor chart for each class. I LOVE the letter writing chart. Thanks for sharing