Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick and Crafty Linky - Clay

Quick and Crafty doesn't have to be a decorating adventure or a clever solution to a problem. It can be for the sake of learning, too.

Start with a core and wrap layers of clay around it, ending in a top layer of blue and green. Slice it open and you can study the layers of the earth, from the core right to the crust.

Paper barnacles made by wrapping "paper clay" around balloons makes a hands-on project for learning about the ocean.

Working on structures? Even the human body can be modeled out of clay. This could be some deep, deep learning about anatomy. 

Liquids and solids take on a whole new meaning when you make milk clay. 

Concentric circles in geometry?

Modeling clay is sticky and it doesn't dry out. This makes it great for ongoing projects and reuseability. 
Polymer clay has bright colors and is baked to hardness. It has a soft plasticky feeling to it when it has been hardened. There lots of clays that can be left out to air dry and harden, like Crayola's Air Dry clay. Model Magic by Crayola is very lightweight and airy, and hardens in when it is left out in the air. It's like modeling with a circus peanut. 

Next time you are looking for a hands-on project, think about using clay. 

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  1. I am SO glad you did this again! I will take pictures today and link up!