Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TedTalks Challenge...Are you in??

Watch this first, before choosing a TedTalk. Then tuck what Taylor Mali says into your heart and hold it there safe.

Now, pick a TedTalks that looks interesting to you. It's ok if you aren't the only one to choose it. After watching it and thinking about it, write about it on your own blog. How can this affect your teaching? How does it already affect your teaching? What does it tell you about your craft? How can this change the face of education today?
Embed or link up the TedTalks video so that your bloggy friends can learn from it (and you!) too. Then link up here so that your wisdom can be shared even further.

 Pass this around, share it with your friends. Let's get some conversations going!!

TedTalks to Choose from:

Angela Maiers - You Matter

Dan Meyer - Math Class Needs a Makeover

Diana Laufenberg - How to Learn? From Mistakes

Gabe Zichermann - How Games Make Kids Smarter

Dave Meslin - The Antidote to Apathy

Gever Tully - Teaches life Lessons Through Tinkering and 5 Dangerous Things you should Let Your Kids do (2 videos)

Ken Robinson - School Kill Creativity

Sugata Mitra - The Child-Driven Education

Temple Grandin - The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

Tom Chatfield - 7 Ways Games Reward the Brain

Tim Brown - Creativity and Play

Philip Zimbardo - How People Becomes Monstsers...or Heroes (this one contains graphic images)

Michael Merzenich - Rewiring the Brain

Kiran Bir Sethi - Teaches Kids to Take Charge

Adam Savage - How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

Dave Eggers - Once Upon a School

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