Sunday, March 4, 2012


We were driving in the car (where all of our best discussions happen) and my oldest is telling us all about "Tech Ed" (which is fancy for Industrial Arts which used to be fancy for Shop). They are making pinewood derby cars. Just like I did. In 7th grade. In Shop Industrial Arts.

"Mom, like it has to be exactly 35 milliweiners or it won't qualify."
"What did you just say?" I'm totally baffled. I swear she just said milliweiner.
"It has to be 35 milliweiners. Weren't  you listening? Sheesh."
"Milliweiners." Eye roll. Apparently I'm not Mom-of-the-Year after all.
"Bails, do you mean millimeter?"
"Oh yeah. Oops. Millimeters."
"Milliweiners are what mice have."

That is almost as good as the conversation my sister had with my 7 year old niece.
"Mom, guess what the biggest number is."
"Um, a google?"
"Nope. It's anus."
".... honey, ..what?...What is it?"
"Anus. You count and count and count then you get to anus, then you start back over at 1."
" you mean infinity?"
"Oh yeah. Infinity. That's what it is."

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