Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday morning

Do you know what is the best indicator that you have put off something related to education for too long? Besides common sense, it would be the "school nightmares". They come in many forms: missing the bus, losing your class schedule, forgetting to attend a class until the final. They all suck, but I had the granddaddy of all school nightmares this morning.

I was on a bus (like a city bus - random), and this lady calls me over and tells me she is a dean of my former college. She informs me that she had sent me many emails during my undergraduate that I was failing a math class (which also showcases in my school nightmares frequently) because I hadn't been attending. Due to my failure, which they just realized, they were going to revoke my degree. She had already talked to my principal, so I would lose my job.

So the anxiety about this grad paper has apparently gotten out of control. Time to put it to bed.

On a happier, and yet more frustrating, note...I picked up drawers for my students. I had written before how I am completely and totally fed up with those stupid frustrating idiotic badly-engineered chair pouches. My solution is to replace the pouches with a drawer (tub) that the kids will pull out and tout around with them. AND....DUM Dum dum, they will each have their own math tool kit in it! For some reason, that seems to be the holy-grail of my quest towards organization.

Seriously excited about this.

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