Monday, July 30, 2012

Made It Monday - 'Staches and Other Shenanagins

Can it possibly be another week rolling over? It must be time for....
I've been busy making things for my classroom, but haven't posted in a couple of weeks because none of them were truly finished and ready for unveiling. I have a few things to share today that are completely done.

I must first share that I realized the owl stuff I had created was just too much color in my new classroom. I still plan on using it as accent pieces but the overall theme has been changed to black and white. I love how calm, classy and put-together it looks. Bonus: it is cool without being overwhelming or distracting.
Ok, onto the projects.

First, I made those crazy cool crate chairs. Everyone is making them this summer! They are definitely all the rage right now. I got my crates at Walmart ($3.49 ea), foam and fabric at JoAnn's (2 yrds for $16.00, 3 yrds for $10.), and the boards we had lying around. Total cost: about $43.00. I think I could have done better if I had been smarter about coupons. Did you know that JoAnn's has a teacher's discount?

I also covered those little cups for my crayon caddies with scrapbooking paper so that they would be a tad more mature. I paid so much for the darn things, I just couldn't let them go. I am undecided about using the caddies that hold them, but if I do I'll spray them black or white. The paper colors correspond with the color of crayons/colored pencils/markers that go in them. The kids will have their own sets of coloring tools in their desks, but I like to have lots of extras and special colors available to them. Each color took one sheet of scrapbook paper ($1.00 for 2), and about half a spool of ribbon ($2.50 ea). Total cost: about $24.00 (with lots of left over ribbon!). I just used Aileen's Tacky Glue to adhere everything on.

I had these crappy bookshelves in my room, you know the particle board ones with the white laminate. They were so used and abused, not to mention they were second-hand-freebies. I am love, love, loving the black and white them I got going in my room, so I decided to decoupage the bookshelves to match. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. Each one took about 16 sheets of scrapbook paper (2 for $1.00), plus few extra sheets. I sprayed them with Rustoleum clear varnish for a nice sheen and hard protection ($4.50 ea). Total cost: about $15.00. (I must mention that I already had the Mod Podge).

And is my favorite project of the week. Since I am using a black and white theme and I love mustaches, I designed a printing set to go with my theme. Included are backgrounds, frames, tags, months and alphabets, desk plates and pennants. You can find it here at my TPT store.

because what 4th grader doesn't love a good 'stache?

P.S.! For another thing I created check out this link for another project I created this week, but was waiting to launch for my 100 Followers Give Away! It's an awesome FLASH FREEBIE!


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    1. Thanks! They were fun to make pretty(er).

  2. Looks like you have been super busy!! Love those crate seats and the bookshelves turned out great!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks, Lori! I keep telling myself to slow down before summer is gone, but I can't seem to.

  3. Your black and gray crates are great. I love the colors your choose. Very simple and elegant. I'm also very impressed with those bookshelves. Wow! Maybe I can tackle that next summer with my own. It sure would jazz them up.

    The Teaching Thief