Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inky Linky - Teacher Tatts

Mr. B over at Mr. B's Beach Brains has started a fab new linky - about teacher ink! I had to jump on, because you all know I just l-o-o-o-v-e my tattoo.

You may have noticed that I adore peacocks. Here's something you may not know if you haven't read through my blog since the beginning: it isn't the actual bird that I like, it's what they symbolize. Don't get me wrong, peacocks are really pretty and cool, but there is a more meaningful reason that I stick with them. If you don't know the whole story, you can check out the abbreviated version by clicking on the link to the side that says Perry the Peacock. Watch the video and think about your students. Then, watch it again and think about yourself as a teacher. Pretty profound, huh? I think so.

Perry is the anthem by which I live and teach.

Here is my tattoo.

This was taken right when it was finished, and the ink is black (not blue like it looks). It wraps around the back and up the inside of my ankle, and covers an old tatt in the process.

What's your tatt? Link up to Mr. B and let us see!


  1. I LOVE the video! Wow, what a great way to reflect. I have loved peacocks because of their gorgeous colors, but now it's even more than that!
    The Gypsy Teacher
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  2. Beautiful tattoo! I heard the feet are pretty painful! I really like this link, I'm going to go check it out!

    Adventures in Room 5

  3. Love this! I also linked up and am your newest follower!
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  4. Love the video and the meaning behind your peacock feather! The coloring is so vibrant! :) Thanks for linking up and I'm now following your blog. I thought I was already a follower, but I wasn't! Problem fixed. :)

    Mr. B's Beach Brains