Monday, July 9, 2012

hot hot HOT

Phew! Are you sweating, too? Actually, I'm not sweating right now because I am still in my jammers drinking  coffee in my air-conditioned house. BUT....I will be sweating momentarily when I go outside to weed my garden (which, btw, is looking gor-geous!!).

I didn't post at all last week because we were camping in southern Missouri. Beautiful country, people. Have you ever been? I highly recommend it. The beach at Table Rock was very, very nice.

It was hot there (103, anyone?). But we were checking the weather while we were south and it sounds like it was very hot up here, too. In fact, it sounds like it was hot everywhere! The difference was that the heartland is in a major drought, whereas we are not up here in central WI/MN. There was very little humidity, and no 'squitos in Missouri. The best thing about it being so hot on vacay? You don't feel guilty about spending day after day at the beach, floating around in the water all the live-long day.

No Monday Made-Its for me today. I did knit some cutie coffee-cozies, but I am too lazy to take pictures and post today.

I am absolutely itching to get into my classroom. Is anyone else feeling this way? I love that I get to "start over" with a new room this year.


  1. Yeah, it was crazy hot here last week too!! Today isn't too bad so I think you will be fine weeding, haha! I went for a bike ride earlier which I definitely would not have done last week in 100+ temps!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. I think I'll wait until closer to evening to get out there. I've lost my motivation this afternoon :)

  2. Super hot here too and we have a little bit of rain which just means more humidity. Ugh! Not a fan of humidity. I'm itching to get in my classroom too. I have an incessant need to organize. Welcome home!

    The Teaching Thief