Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fiction Friday

Phew! I just saw that Amanda over at The Teaching Thief had posted her Fiction Friday post. It reminded me to post my own today.

I love, love, loved the book I read this week. It was my favorite of the books I've read so far.

The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander is a cheeky and entertaining story about a kid named Max who runs a business out of the fourth stall in a unused bathroom in a quiet wing of his school. He and his partners get kids what they need: special snacks, entrance to an R movie, test answers, and even protection.....for a small price. Reading about a school-aged Godfather absolutely delighted me? Before your hackles raise at the thought of encouraging your kiddos to read about a Tweener Mafia, let me assure you that the characters are not thugs. They are well-meaning kids who capitalize on a need.

Trouble for Max starts when Fred, an elementary student, comes to him for protection against a high-school aged bookie who has infiltrated the school. Max and his team must solve the mystery of who the bookie is and how to stop him from cheating out kids.

My rule this summer is first books of series only. That said, it was very hard to close the last page and not pick up the second book. I think my fourth's might feel the same way.

Next stop: The Giver.


  1. Just found you through Fiction Friday and am your newest follower.

    Math is Elementary

  2. This book sounds amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  3. I love the entire concept of this book! It is right up my alley. I've never even heard of this series, so I'm so happy you introduced me to it. Thanks for linking up!

    The Teaching Thief