Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Friday! Monday. No Wait, Friday. Err....

I drafted this last Friday, but you know how weekends go and so now I am finishing and posting today, Monday, three days late. If I was trying to get pregnant I would be excited, but since this is blogginess business I just feel a little behind. 

The advantage is that I get to link up for 

Let the fun commence. 

Fun Friday is here! You know what that means? Shenangins! This week's Fun Friday is brought to you by Modge Podge and Kaluha Liquere.

 The girls finally finally finished their decoupage piggy banks. They turned out, er, cute. Yeah, that's right. Cute. Let's see the process:

Last summer (do you see a lateness trend here today?) we blew up balloons, taped on egg carton cups and covered them with paper mache. It wasn't my original plan to Modge Podge it, we were going to paint instead.

Fast forward a year later. I decided that decoupage would be WAY more  fun than painting, so we picked out scrapping papers and cut them into smallish pieces. Everyone is still excited as this point!

Then we used Modge Podge to adhere the pretty paper pieces all over the pigs. Because the pigs were already a year old, the balloon had deflated inside. When the paper mache got wet from the glue, it lost of all of its rigidity and caved in. We had to make a hole in the butt and blow up a new balloon inside. Problem solved.

After about a half hour of Modge Podging there is much whining, complaining, and general unhappiness, all of it aimed at Auntie TT/Mom for suggesting this project. We took a two day break, then under duress I made them finish. Now all that is left is to spray with a fixative and cut a hole in the top. 

I would recommend nixing the paper mache, and using a small balloon. It was a big project for the kids.

Then....I did a project of my own! I wanted a place to write a word of the week (a little extra vocab) and a place for kids to turn in a definition, with a sentence using the word. This is what I did. 

I bought a plain wooden plaque and covered it with chalkboard paint. I also picked out a wooden box.

You know my love for peacocks and all things peacock-related, so I chose papers with colors that (somewhat) matched that theme. 

Almost finished! I just need to paint the edge, prepare the chalk board surface for writing and then hang it with a ribbon. 

Modge Podge is fun!

In other Fun Friday news....

My sister Jen (on the left) and my mom (behind) and I played Bingo at the Eagles. We also bought some pull tabs. GUESS WHAT? I won BACK TO BACK BINGOS!!! And then, 5 minutes later, opened a $200 pull tab. 
Who does that ever happen to? 
*disclaimer: I am not lucky, have never been lucky, and will most likely never be lucky again. Except for that time in the airport at Vegas. 

My most awesome and fun mom drank 2 bulldogs and got hammered. This produced a conversation between Jen and me about "Destroyer Mode"...this theory states that whatever good quality you possess will  grow to 100 times its normal size and TAKE YOU OVER when you have had one too many delicious beverages.

(if you don't get the picture, you might need to up your geek status and spend some time watching The Lord of the Rings. If you need a reason, check out Chrissy's post at Buzzing with Ms. B)

Destroyer Mode will take a fun loving mother and turn her into a person who yells out "You GO girl! And by girl, I'm referring to myself" during the cover all. 

And THEN, when we got back to the cabin, I watched a turtle crawl into the yard, dig a hole and lay its eggs, cover it back up and go back to the lake! Random and amazing!

Yes, Fun Friday indeed. 

My Looloo just ran in and notified me that a centipede crawled out of her bowl of raspberries and went under her laptop keyboard. CREEPY. Obviously it is not Fun Monday. 


  1. Love your projects:) That chalkboard is really cute:) Thanks for linking up:) Pop back next week:) I host this every Monday:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. You've given a good reason to get crafty! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Love your chalkboard project. But I love your blog name and design even more!!!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  3. I just love your blog :) Those piggies are adorable! What a fun project with the kid.

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  4. Aw everything turned out great! EEK about the centipede! I grew up in Arizona so I know a lot about those creepsters!

    Reaching for the TOP!

    Yes, that was all caps for awesomeness.

    Buzzing with Ms. B