Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogger Award x3!

I am humbled beyond words. Thank you to Angie at , Patti at Tales From a 4th (and 5th) Grade Teacher, and Brittany from Stickers and Stamps. Before any further ado, please go check out these three lovely blogs and their talented authors. You won't regret it!

First, a big Peacock THANK YOU  to Angie for the 

As we all know, Awards have stipulations (to make them more prestigious, I am convinced!) Here is the Deal-io for The Versatile Blogger:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their site.
3. Include the award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

6. When nominating, include a link to their site.

7. Let other bloggers know they've been nominated.

7 Interesting Facts About Me
1. I am a bass fishing fool
2. I once owned 9 rats (all at once!)
3. I love sushi - ALL of it!
4. I am not allowed to play World of Warcraft
5. I once un-friended my husband on Facebook
6. I have read The Stand 16 times since I was 12
7. I love Pee-Wee Herman
8. I have a peacock feather tattooed on my foot
9. I  <3 garden gnomes
10. I knit

And here is another big Peacock THANK YO to Patti and Brittany for

Once again, the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT:
Once you receive the award, you must follow 3 rules: 

1.  Follow the person that gave you the award.
2.  Link back to the person that gave you the award.
3.  Pass the award on to 15 new bloggers.

Ha!! But I'm going to change the rules for both awards. I really want to acknowledge several bloggers that I just love to read, but I see that they have already received some of these awards. is a *NEW* award. 

Yes, yes, there are RULES. Here they are:

If you are the recipient of the One Clever Education Blog award you must do the following...
1. Thank the presenter and link back to their blog
2. Stick the award on your blog post
3. Award the blog to 5 other bloggers. 
4. Make sure you check out the other recipients! This is an acknowledgement of good blogging, and should be treated as such!

So the very first round of One Clever Education Blog Awards goes to: 
She makes me laugh!! Smart, funny, she got it all!

The Teaching Thief
She is over-flowing with great ideas and good discussion!

Buzzing with Ms. B Button
Funniest class stories EVER. And she's a brilliant teacher.

Thinking of Teaching
She leads an awesome book talk and I love her ideas! 

She gets us all thinking and creating! Her blog is an inspiration!

Go check them out! They are FAB!!


  1. I just awarded you the Liebster award. It is in a post for Versatile as well but I knew that you already had that. Hope you are up for some more awards!!

    Stickers and Stamps

  2. Okay, I want to know why you're not able to play WoW. There's got to be a story there :)

    I love fishing, too!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad