Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This has been a tough week.

Things were going better. My students were beginning to work independently, I was able to meet with small groups for guided reading. I don't know what shifted, but something is different. It might be me; I don't even know anymore.

I spent yesterday afternoon sobbing in the guidance counselor's office. I think I just reached the end of my patience, the end of what felt like hope. I got worn out from the kids acting like I was an annoyance that got in the way of their fun.

A good cry can really help. After Maren and Chris, the counselor, told me what I really needed to hear (that I am a good teacher) and then got all that frustration out with the tears, I was able to look more clearly at my class than I have been able to. I was able to look at myself more honestly than I have been able to.

What I had to rethink, very deliberately, was:
  • placement
  • transitions
  • choice
  • distractions

I am desperate enough to move away from some of my fundamental beliefs. Here's what changed:
  • Seating was planned to be deliberately balanced at tables; students that can not work in a group setting were moved to quiet places within our working space.
  • Table supplies were streamlined and consolidated. Everything the students need are at hand, eliminating the need for helpers to fetch crayons or markers.
  • Water bottles were sent home - they were proving to be too distracting. Despite deliberate teaching and retraining often on bottles, spills were too frequent and upsetting. Less hydration means less bathroom breaks, a good thing when the kids can't use the restrooms unattended.
  • Decluttering; the cleaner the lines the less visual distractions. Things were put into cupboards or out of view.
  • The bunnies are getting fostered by a 5th grade classroom.
  • Daily 5 choice was removed. I will now instruct the students what they will be doing during this time, and most of it will be whole-group work. It kills me to take choice away from them; we just can't afford the time this demanded.

These were major restructures. Ideals I had worked hard to put into place over the last 4 years had to be dismissed so that I could teach my students. I feel like I have stripped down a complicated mechanism so that the bones are finally visible.

I am so weary, and so wary. Nothing about teaching feels right this year.

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  1. It sounds like you have done quite a bit of reflection and made the adjustments that you felt were necessary for your students to succeed. You ARE a good teacher...good teachers reflect on their practice and constantly change/add/delete things as needed to be effective. Perhaps in another few months you will see that some things can be put back in place.

    Each class is different - each year is different. There will be times that you will feel weary and wary, but know that that can and will change and you will feel hopeful and happy.