Friday, November 11, 2011

iTouch, step 3 - video

One of the aspects of the iTouch I was most excited about what the video capability. I love to take videos of my class; I do candids, interviews, and would love to get into student-created videos. I can upload the videos for the parents to see evidence of learning, and it makes a great addition to the students' portfolios.

I have been using the digital camera that the school gave me up to this point. It does so-so video, but fair enough quality for what I'm doing with it. The sound, however, is another issue. It doesn't do much good to have an ok picture if the mic doesn't do a good job of picking up voices.

Today was the first day I tried out the video capability on the iTouch. It was not only so easy it seemed a little silly, but I loved that I could quickly switch between photos and video with a flick of my finger. When I got home and uploaded the videos, I discovered that the sound is great. Way better than I expected, and wayyyyyy beyond my camera.

Now I have a slim digital video recorder that seconds as a camera to tote along in a pocket, to go wherever we find ourselves going.

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