Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Licing on Top of the Cake

We have The Lice. That's what my daughter called it when she was in Kindergarten - "Mommy, we have The Lice in school."

The first graders couldn't understand why I was bagging up all of the pillows, and I explained that there was head lice in the school (trying to not say we had lice in our class). When another student walked in the from the bathroom and asked why the pillows were getting bagged a student stood up and yelled excitedly "We have high lighters! We have high lighters!". They may be a tough crowd, but they sure do make me smile.

We were having a fairly smooth day until the The Lice came. Then it was all about trips to the nurse to "have their hair fixed". Then we had a lock down drill. The rest of the afternoon spun out of control. It became very, very clear that this new practice of few transitions, little movement, and no distractions is working. Dare I hope that I may actually get to teach them after Thanksgiving when things settle down until Christmas?

Now, off to the shower (again) to get the crawly feeling out of my head.

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