Sunday, November 13, 2011

Idea management - What to do with all those good ideas?

I have folders, binders, storage containers, ziplocs, piles, papers, papers, papers. I couldn't seem to find a good way to organize good ideas...until now.

Pinterest is a digital idea-storage facility. There are no papers to lose, files to organize, or tubs to store. This is an excellent solution for me since 90% of what I find for my class is from the internet. Anyone who has seen my desk knows that the less printed papers I have, the better.

I'm still getting used to the interface, and am still moving around Pinterest like a blind newborn kitten. It's another thing to add to my plate, but I think the potential is huge and worth my time to become familiar with it.

Who knew that there was a digital way to store and organize ideas?

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