Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Friday! a.k.a. Life At The Spa

Hee hee. I'm not really living life at a spa. I just get to spend one night here. One lovely, relaxing, aromatic, fluffery night here.

And by that I mean I got to take a shower and crawl into bed.

That's how nice it is! Score, right?

 Actually, I'm here at Lake Geneva, WI for an RtI for Math conference. I am here with one administrator, 2 special ed teachers, and one other regular ed classroom teacher. We spend 6 hours in the car to get here, and that time includes the 5 minutes we mistakenly took a little drive down a golf cart trail while trying to find the main entrance.

I actually scored this room All. To. Myself.

I decided that even though it was midnight I would take a shower and wash up my hair so I didn't have to in the morning. I was ooohing and aaaahing over the soaps and lotions in the bathroom when I noticed a remote control next to the sink.

 What could it be for? Fan? Lights?

 TV!! In the bathroom MIRROR!!!!

It was a Bat Mirror, delivered here just for my from the Bat Cave by Alfred himself. I could get used to this richy rich stuff. I think I was maybe born for it. The ease at which I blew out my hair while watching Chopped proves it.

 Ahem. So Beth over at Thinking of Teaching came up with this super exciting idea to feature bloggers on her blog. And who is going to be featured today, Friday? That would be ME!!! So if you bopped on over from Thinking of Teaching, welcome!! It's nice to have you here.

To celebrate my feature-ness, I am hosting a sale. 20% OFF OF EVERYTHING BECAUSE I AM A FEATURED BLOGGER SALE. Rainbows and sparkles, my friends!!

So go HERE to visit my TPT store. I've got some fun going on!

Just today I opened my Teacher's Notebook shop. I think I like it even better than TPT! Because I l-u-u-u-r-v-e it so much, I am offering a 30% OFF OF EVERYTHING BECAUSE I AM A FEATURED BLOGGER SALE. I only have one item for sale on TN, but some goodies for free. Check 'er out!

Now I should tuck myself into my spa-soft bed and enjoy having this big ol' bed all to my lonesome. I will be spending the day learning intriguing and mysterious things about RtI and Math, and that day starts in 5 hours.

p.s. please be forgiving for typos and mistakes! It's very late, and I am too blissed out by the spa-ness to care.


  1. Lake Geneva! You were so close to me! Were you able to get out and enjoy the town at all? I love it there. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. A TV in the mirror!??! What?!? That is awesome! Batman approved for sure. Congrats on being a featured blogger and enjoy your trip.

  3. I found your blog through Thinking of Teaching. Looking down a little further I saw "The Giver" always one of my favorite books.
    Hope you will come by and check out my blog. Look forward to exchanging ideas!
    Leading and Reading