Saturday, August 18, 2012

B.Y.O.O. #2 - B.ring Y.our O.wn O.rganization

Now if only my laundry could organize itself.

Curriculum and Cupboards

Let's start with some perspective. This was my counter last year. Look at how gross it looks. 

I showed you my ugliness in hopes that my swan-ness while shine ever brighter when you see my pics below (No! Don't Peek! Shenangins!)

It's not so bad, right? Except that those bottles of green juice had been sitting there 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! And that stack of paper? Like, months

How many times have you had to dig through cupboard after cupboard, swearing under your breath that "I know I put it in here!", while a colleague stood by and waited for you to find what she needed to borrow?

That is the story of my life. 

Before brand-new-chances, that is.

When I inherited my brand-new-chances classroom it was delightfully empty. In this photo you can see the few things that are in the room, and they are actually mine. 

But look closer. Look in the bottom right hand corner. Those are boxes of curriculum. From storage. They were all brought down for me. All? "But," you say, "there are only 7." well, the boxes were like an iceberg. You can only see a small portion. The rest is hiding off camera, waiting to take me down. Like the Titanic.

There were 20-some boxes in all. Just curriculum. Boy, 4th grade sure does teach a lot of stuff!. It needed a home.

Goal: To have things *findable* in my classroom. No Map Required. No digging necessary.
Objective: Teaching materials have a home

  • I started by checking the cupboards to make sure any last little thing had been taken out.
  • Next I opened boxes and made piles. Math over here, writing here, social studies there.
  • I threw out the stuff that looked like junk. (This later was cause for dumpster diving.)
  • I looked at my piles, and then at my open cupboards. Piles, cupboards. Piles, cupboards. It was like a tennis match.
  • When I knew where I thought things should go, I marked each door with the subject. There would be no mistaking where things were going to live, and I wouldn't accidentally put math where writing should be.

It was easy to stick things in the right cupboards. But what about the right shelves?

I labeled those, too.

(I am almost vibrating with glee just looking at these pictures!)

Everything was put away. I wanted anyone who came into my room to be able to find what they needed. I made labels for the cabinets, and then for the shelves.

Boy, looking at these makes me feel all tightened up like a squirrel. I've never been so organized EVER. '

This may seem like a little thing, and it is. But little things eventually add up to big things.

Soooo.......FREEBIES for you!! 
Ahem..let me clear my throat and put on my best Vidal Sassoon voice.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. These too can be yours, dahlings."

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First, Fourth -

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  1. So much cupboard space, I'm jealous!

    Congrats on getting organized, that's my plan this year too!
    Adventures in Room 5

    1. I know, we have it good. Send me pics of what you do with your organization! I'd love to post it in a later B.Y.O.O.


  2. You are hilarious and adorable!

  3. Taking pictures of the Post-It's is so simple and smart! Thanks for sharing! It looks great so far!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. Actually, that's how I made the labels when I got home. I just used the pics. I did the same thing with my book bins, which you'll see in a later B.Y.O.O. post.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate the comments! The organization looks great!!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  5. Squirrels do seem to stay rather "tightened up"! HA!
    Man- that's a lot of stuff!!! If you weren't so organized this year, you might get lost in all of it!
    (Did I tell you about the peacock pictures and vases from Hobby Lobby? They are really neat- they have these gems that reflect- very pretty. )
    Every time I see one- I think of you-
    And we really do get to see them- there are a set of mates who wander to our campus every year- his beautiful!

    I digress....your BYOO looks great!

    Going Nutty!

  6. Holy Moly Batman! You have been a busy girl. Your cupboards are so nicely organized. Wanna come do my room next?

    The Teaching Thief

  7. I haaaaaaaaaaate when I have to look forever for something that a coworker needs. It is pretty embarrassing so I understand your pain!! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. Ugh! I would get soooo embarrassed, too!

  8. Lol, what an entertaining post! Good for you--great improvement!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

    1. Thanks! I'm so can't tell, cam you?