Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting to freak a little...

I was so gung-ho on my D5 facelift yesterday. Then I had a teaching dream last night (why, oh why, do I have to dream about school all during vacation? Even at Disney when I'm on teaching-prohibition??), and it seriously rattled me. You know how you sometimes can't shake the way a dream makes you feel? Like, you're pissed at your husband all day if you have a dream that he leaves you. I so can't shake the feeling the teaching-dream gave me. In my dream, I had accidentally left my classroom window open over Christmas break, and was trying to explain to my principal how it had happened. Then I told him all about my new D5 idea (I'm random, even in dreams apparently), and he looked right at me and said "Do you really think it's a good idea to introduce something new when things are going ok? I'm really worried about the instruction time you'll lose". So now I'm worried about the loss of instruction time, too! Am I being selfish by wanting to spice things up? Are my kids going to be able to handle the change, even if I take it slow and easy?

Sheesh. I'm panicking. I feel the sudden urge to run to school and work manically until Tuesday morning. I want to cry.


  1. I think it's worth the time because in the long run, your students will be able to work more independently and you will be able to work with your students one on one and in small groups, giving them that direct instruction that they deserve. I'm sure they'll be able to handle it if you take it slow and the skills they learn from doing D5 are going to help them a great deal.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! My worries were largely unfounded. I've been training on the iTouches, and rotating the kids in a similar pattern to what they will be doing on their own in the near future. They are doing phenomenally well considering it this was the first days back after break. I agree about the skills learned from doing D5; this is my 4th year doing D5 and I love it.