Sunday, January 22, 2012

iTouch apps for learning

This is going to start out as a very small list. I'm going to simply tell you what I've downloaded and used, and what I think of it.

Free Fall Spelling
Cost: Free today!
This is a free download today, Jan. 27th!!

Free Fall Spelling
Cost: 99 cents
Thoughts?: I had my daughter play it a bit last night. It seems like it's just a app for spelling random words. Not exactly what I was looking for, really. But it's colorful and fun, and each letter and word are spoken so that a learned will at least hear what word they spelled, even if they can't read it. Update: a student told me today "this is really boring!"

Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App!
Cost: um, like $6.00
Thoughts: Overpriced. But who doesn't LOVE Mo Willems? The kids love it, even my 12 year old daughter. I just expected more for what it costs.

It's a Small World
Cost: $3.99
Thoughts: I bought this because we were surprising our two daughters and two nieces with a trip to Disney for Christmas. I brought the iTouches with for them on the plane. I thought it would get them excited for what was coming, but they were a little bored with it. It's just an eye-candied pop-up-easter-egg kind of app. My first graders occasionally play with it, but mostly they say "I don't get it!".

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