Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowy Day

I'm sitting on my sofa, drinking a lovely cup of coffee. It's Monday, and it's 8:30 am. The snow that is coming down is blanketed over a nice sheet of ice.

I'll admit I did a happy dance at 5:45 am when the phone rang announcing a late start. Added bonus, it was completely unexpected; it was like having somebody give you a present "just because".

But now I feel a little sad, a little sick. Have you ever gone face down on a cake or box of chocolates, feelings of pleasure washing over you as you lived in the moment of chocolatey goodness? Then you come to and remorse weighs heavy on your chest.

I feel like that this morning. As I watch the snow fall outside, it's like watching an hour glass. Each flake that falls is one moment less I have with my students. And this year, I can't afford to waste one moment with them.

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