Thursday, January 26, 2012

Achy Heart

My heart is achy today.

I (hopefully) got things settled with the student I was in conflict with yesterday. I want to support him so badly. I'm sad, because this child deserves so much more than he is getting. People do horrible things to their children.

We are voting on a pay increase Monday, which is actually a pay increase we were granted before we lost our collective bargaining. So it's actually not a new increase at all, but something we had negotiated with the school board nearly two years ago. I also got confirmation that our pay base will fluctuate from year to year as we go without contracts. I was so excited to get an increase because of Master's credits, but I didn't understand that it was temporary. Hello radical conservatives, good-bye stability. I wonder what everyone will say when our pay gets reduced next year to help balance the school district budget.

Please, please be aware of what your Governor, House and Senate are doing. You do not want this. It is a scary, scary place to be in education.

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