Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sundays Fundays When School Begins

It's a beautiful Sunday morning? You know how water tastes really good when you are super thirsty, or chocolate when you are on a diet? Weekends never taste as sweet as when teachers go back to school.

Can I just take a moment to share with you how much I LOVE 4th grade? Like, I love it with such a big, giant, squishy love. I love it. Love. It. L-u-u-u-u-r-r-r-r-v-v-v-v-v-v-e it.

I love it almost as much as I love these tiny monkeys.

Let me tell you the ways I love it.

1. They work!
2. They get funnies!
3. They have a lot of schema!
4. They understand when no means NO, and sit-down-and-quietly-work means just that.
5. They do not eat erasers, put their gum under your rug or roll around during reading time.
6. They understand the power of mistakes and Jolly Ranchers.
7. They are silly and serious and fun.
8. You get to play Math Pickle, use Edmodo and other technology.
9. You get to teach about glaciers, caves and bats. And woolly mammoths.

I. Am. Never. Going. Back.


How was your week?  Please share, teacher bloggy friends!

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  1. If I won all of those great prizes, I would jump up and down, singing I won, I won!! Then I would start shopping for my favorites (which would be so hard to choose from all of the great products)!

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. I would use them!

    Glad 4th grade is going so well. My class is similarly awesome, except I don't get to teach about wooly mammoths.'
    Adventures in Room 5

  3. What awesome goodies... I have fallen in love with all the mustache items :)

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  5. I posted before I clicked the 'Do it' button.. I love the pink mustache coffe/Diet dr pepper cozy.. and the word walls would be great with my dyslexia students and I love 4th grade frolics - I blogstalk her page every Monday..

    Marianne B

  6. What an awesome giveaway. I could definitely use some of these activities with my fourth graders!