Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aligning Editing to the Common Core for First and Second Grade

Before I begin, let me share a photo or two with you.

We just finished shopping for school shoes. I was stressing about the cost of 3 pairs of shoes, and was trying very hard (and not doing very well) to be cheery-and-happy-I'm-shopping-with-my-girls. I was on the floor putting all the unwanted shoes back into their boxes when I happened to see a pair of feet slide into my field of vision. This is what I saw:

TOTALLY cracked me up. I guess Olivia wanted to keep those little nylon footies. She wore them the rest of the night - to Staples, Old Navy and PetSmart. Oh, see her toes that are purple? That's duct tape. She taped them herself because she is convinced that they are broken but mom won't take her to the doctor. Know what? I bet they are broken, too, but can't take the time to take her in for xrays when they won't do anything about it anyways. 

Why couldn't she have broken them during the summer instead of the week before school starts?

As we were paying, I turned around and saw this:

She must have been taking a break from wearing them on her feet. Like I said, they were back on moments later for the night.

I got a request on a product I created last winter. It is a poster set and practice sentence strips for editing strategies in first and second grade. The font that I used was D'Nealian, which I now realize is like sanscript for learners who aren't subjected to it. I changed up all the fonts to more kid friendly balls-and-sticks.

I also aligned the editing strategies to the Common Core State Standards, after realizing that I hadn't thought about it when I created it. The set covers one language standard for first and second grade - Conventions of Standard English. 

If you had previously downloaded it, you can re-download the new and improved version for free. If you hadn't, it's worth checking out.

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