Sunday, September 30, 2012

Laminator Junkie

Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

You do. You do know.

Because all teachers are laminator junkies. I bolded that for effect.

Sooo.......Want to see mine?

Isn't it tiny? Isn't it cute?
I got it from In the mail.

I've been laminating all afternoon. It's arrival was perfect timing, because I realized that I had run out of CAFE cards. Perfect little Sunday project! Let me show you how this sweet little number works.

First, you slide whatever it is (paper, people, not Chris Hemsworth) you want laminated into a sheaf of laminating film. It's very easy to line up, which I can't always say for the school laminator. Then you slip the paper and the film into a paper sheaf that protects the project from the heat. 

Then the sheaf slides into the laminator (see, I told you it was teeny!) and it slowly gets pulled in and comes out the other side. 

And there it is! But let me just say that this picture stinks. It really is not all wrinkly like that. I had to use my stupid phone because Lulu had hijacked my iPad and I was too lazy to go wrestle it away.

My professional laminator's opinion? 

The film is on your bill, not the schools
It's slower than the big machines (but you don't have a big machine at home, do you now?)
It's teeny tiny (if you have laminator envy this could prove to be a problem for you)
It smells like new appliance. Wait, that's a pro.

It's Teeny tiny!
It fits anywhere, even on the dashboard of your car, if you have a plug in thingy. Lam and vaca. I like!
Stores easy
Comes with a big packet of lam film
You get to put the stickers on
It's cute
You can lam at home
Smells like new appliance.

So yeah. Very cool. Like, I have my own laminator at home! 


  1. I love mine! I'm not sure about the settings, but so far it is doing a great job on whatever I set it to!
    Owl Things First!

    1. It's doing an awesome job on everything I throw at it, too!

  2. I love having a laminator at home for last minute projects.

    Diving Into Learning

    1. It's the best, isn't it? I love not having to cut out those giant sheets from school, too!

  3. oOO I just love how small yours is!? Mine is the typical old, larger sized white awkward looking one, but it does the job!

    The news smell - Couldn't agree more. I want a new car just because of the new car smell. If a scent for cars came in 'new car smell' I would be all over it! :)

    Liz - BaysideTeacher

    1. My hubs came in and the alert went up. "Something smells hot in here!" Oh yeah, baby, that's my hot new laminator!

  4. Laminator Junkie, right here, with her hand up!

    I've been considering buying one so I can have one at home.... I just use it at school so much! Have fun with your new teeny tiny toy!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. I actually brought it to school with me so I could finish up some laminating I needed to have finished right away.