Monday, December 5, 2011

I See You

Tonight was my second-to-last meditation class. It has been such a good practice to try to linger in the present. I find it such an exquisite challenge. My mind always wants to be where ever I am not.

During the discussion about being mindful in relationships, I shared my thoughts and feelings about the importance of being mindful with the children I work with. I am careful to let each one know I 'see" them, and I "hear" them. I don't always do a perfect job, but I know every time I do it is meaningful and important to that child.

It made me reflect on how I can improve being in the here and now while working with my students. I truly, truly cannot be the caliber of teacher I dream of being without this critical aspect of bonds and relationships.

photo courtesy of Flickr, by by HaPe_Gera

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