Sunday, December 4, 2011

and back to Pinterest

Things have been busy...too busy to blog. Report cards, holidays and the management style that I am now calling "The New Regime"; there's not a lot of time for anything else this week.

I did, however, hit a gold mine in the form of a new Pinterest site. It's a major score from my Masters friend, Kim. How cool is this...I have linked another degree away from my own PLN, and it took less than one hour to get her name, find her site, repin my favorite ideas, and then blog about it? Can I get on my knees and give thanks for networking?

This lady has the best ideas!! Can I say how much I love having a digital storage file? Check my own Pinterest site.

I'm back to Peacocks. Turns out that another (well-known) educator wrote a book called Teach like your Hair in on Fire. No wonder I thought it was such a catchy title - it already is!
Maybe I should teach like my penguins are on fire.

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