Monday, December 19, 2011

All that glitters...

Next December, please remind me that hand-painted ornaments coated in glitter are a huge time commitment and a giant mess-maker. Remind me that I said the kids won't really ever remember them, or hang onto them into old age ("Oh Johnny, careful with that ornament. It's an antique, and very special. Granny's first grade teacher made that for her. She must have really loved your Granny!") and remind me that I said it would be ok to just buy something already made or maybe a pre-fab kit could do the trick.

I won't listen to you, but remind me anyway. That way I can't say I wasn't warned when I embark on yet another long night of painting and glittering. I'll have no one to blame but myself.

Like it's all torture, right? Face it, if I didn't sacrifice at least one long December night to making ornaments for my kiddos, then it just wouldn't be right. And it's true that the kids will grow up into adults and these hand-made bits of love won't follow them to college, but I can't help but think that someday they will realize that only people who really, really care about you make you things by hand. They will understand that nothing says I Love You like Martha Stewart fine glitter.

The "No Stimulus" package seems to be working. My kids have been teachable, and that's a dream this time of year. It's true I had to ban Smencils, and movies are out of the question, but things are good. We are clipping along, making up for lost time. I am teaching, they are learning, and everything is right in the world.

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