Sunday, October 16, 2011

Talking Responsibility for Learning

I attended our Master's fall conference today. As always, I was inspired by the passion and creativity of the teachers I spent time with. I was particularly excited by the self evaluations some of the other first grade teachers were using with their students. I have wanted to have my first graders self-check their progress in reading and writing for awhile, and this was the jump start I needed.

I came home and thought about where I wanted to start. I decided that Reader's Workshop would be good, since we already have some of our routines in place. At the moment, Read-to-Self is at the top of the list of importance. At this time, we are practicing reading for 5-10 minutes; expectations are that we read the whole time, we stay in our spots, and we do not talk.

Here is the rubric I created for this. We will do it together for the first few days, until I know the students can do it independently. I will use the rubric to discuss how Read-to-Self is going with each student.

I am looking for feedback. What do you think works? What would you change?


  1. Nice! And timely too... A couple of my read to selfers were a bit challenging today. This will help them tomorrow! Thanks! I just discovered you through my twitter followers. Nice to meet you! I pass through Hudson on my way to visit family in MN. I grew up in Woodbury.

  2. Found you through pinterest and LOVE this idea. I need this for some kids for EVERY daily 5 choice they make :)
    I teach Kinder so i'm thinking I might add some icons. Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  3. It's really been working nicely! I do it with the kids on the smartboard. Judy, you could start by having only one area they look at, like talking or reading the whole time. They you would only have to use a set a smilies.

  4. Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to get your "Read to Self" chart emailed? I LOOOVE it! I'm a school social worker at a Full Day Kindergarten Center ~ 530 5-year olds, 5 days a week! I would love to alter it a little bit to track their behavior. Thank you so much! My email is Thank you!!! ~Sarah

  5. As a lover of rhyme the only thing I would change is the last heading- so it rhymed with the other two. Therefore...

    Uh Oh! So... So... Way to Go!