Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flock of Peacocks

Twitter has become one of the exciting and relevant resources for teachers. It's like a buffet of information. You belly up to the bar and decide what flavor suits you the most at that moment. Hash tags sort and categorize the multitude of tweets. Want to read about Daily 5? Web 2.0 in the classroom? iPads or blogs? You will be pointed in the direction you want to go by teachers who are as passionate about learning as you are.

My favorite thing about Twitter, though, is this: it is bringing teachers together who refuse to remain stagnant. In schools, where the pressures to perform exhausts teachers, there is often a lack of energy and excitement about new technologies and new ideas. Other teachers don't always want you popping into their rooms and chattering about the great new idea you heard. Twitter is a place where everyone welcomes ideas. You don't stress your colleagues out, and information is a valuable commodity.

If you don't have a Personal Learning Network (your very own PLN) started on Twitter, consider it.

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