Sunday, October 16, 2011

Changing it up

Someone asked me today why I changed the design and title of my blog. Here's why:

If you've read my first posts, you'll remember that I identify strongly with the story Perry the Peacock. It helped me through the second year of teaching, when I knew that my style was a little different in comparison to other teachers I knew. It took some bravery and serious self-belief to stay true to myself.

The thing is, I really looked at the teaching world through an "us" and "them" lens. I felt like I was blazing a trail, and I was mostly blazing it alone. Perry made me feel like I was strong enough to go it alone.

I realized a few days ago that I'm really not alone. I think I felt more alone before I discovered Twitter and a window to a whole world of teachers doing their thing was opened for me. I found myself in the company of nothing but peacocks.

I guess in that moment teaching became something more than "us" and "them". It became a circle made of many different styles and energies. When I look at the talent I am surrounded by every day at school, I guess that I see many individuals doing their thing. We all have a little peacock in us, just as we all have a little bit of penguin.

I didn't feel I could embrace our uniqueness if I only looked at it as I saw my own. I choose to foster individuality in others instead of making it an exclusive club only certain types of teachers can join.

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