Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Naughty Dog with a Flash Sale

Her name is Juno. And I love her.

But she is a naughty dog. (and you may be asking "And why do I care? Keeping reading and you'll find out)

She is not the kind of naughty you can catch. Usually.

Sometimes she is naughty because of me. I forget she is naughty and I make it easy for her. Like today.

A very good friend was having a very hard day. My heart was sad for her, so I did the thing that girls do: on my way home from the Vet's office I bought her an Caramel Frappacino. And one for myself in sympathy for her feelings. I stopped by and dropped it off for her. Big hugs were issued and hearts were lifted. I didn't stay long, 2 minutes tops. It was very hot outside, and Juno naughty dog was in the running truck.

I opened the door and jumped in. This is what I first noticed.

isn't she cute? don't let her fool you. 

Do you see? The straw? I didn't understand until I noticed this.

That was a BRAND-SPANKING-NEW-FRAPPACINO! The whipped cream was all the way to the top. I had not even taken ONE SIP.

I sputtered and spluttered all the way home. This is what naughty dog did. 

this is what guilt-free napping looks like.

I was stinkin' mad, but how can you really get angry when you were stupid enough to leave your Frappacino without the proper protections? 

My philosophy is "forgive and forget". In the spirit of letting the mad out and letting happy back in, I'm going to throw a flash sale every time Naughty Dog does her naughty thing. So bring on the

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  1. Yup... mine has also taken down a frappacino. It was mocha flavored. I thought he would be sick, but no... just really hyper. Oh, naughty dogs... you gotta love 'em!

    The Teaching Thief